F* Me!

Last September, a friend of ours turned fifty. We decided to interfere with her birthday plans and relocated her party to a more suitable place and decorated it to her liking. It was a last minute preparation. It was a week before the set date when we decided to look for an alternative venue and bought props and party favors. We titled her celebration, “F* Me!”, that really meant ‘Fifty Me!’ yes pun intended, and decorated the place in shades of blue and some accent for it is her favorite color. We tried as much as possible not to spend so much, for the venue itself is a bit above our budget. Nevertheless, we have succeeded to make the place elegant for the celebration.

As we are eager to give her an awesome surprise party as we can, I am too, eager to make it a success as the one who conceptualized the entire event. Am trying my hand at event planning as a business here in Dubai and this is my first attempt, in small scale. Majority of the props are from our own home. Luckily we have a lot of blue stuff! My sister helped me with creating some of the decors.

We decorated a very white plain stretch of a wall with shades of blue, white, black, and a bit of yellow balloons and some ribbons that doubled as the ‘photo booth’. Of course, we printed some props and stuck it on a barbecue stick. Ai had an idea of making our hula hoop as a prop, so she decorated it too with ribbons and balloons for the guests to use it as a frame in their photos. Then we had another wall decorated as the ‘stage backdrop’. It was actually a column of the room but it was situated on the opposite side of the plain white wall, that served as another focal point of the room. We put on large cutouts of “F* Me!” on it, a chair with throws and throw pillows in theme with the color scheme. We had inflated so many balloons and wasn’t able to tape it all on the wall, we just left them on the floor, scattered.

We had built a wooden frame a few years back that had a black rubber back that we had planned to make it as kind of a scrapbook of our travels. But we are too lazy to really start doing it, so we decided to use it for the party. I had the celebrant’s photos pinned around the cutout letters of the title too and placed it on the narrow ledge of the windows and laid our yellow ‘Christmas’ lights along with it. Then adjacent below it was a table with the ‘birthday cake’ which is actually not a cake but fifty candles wrapped all together with ribbons, which when we lit it up we thought it will caught fire! Wooden picture frames and a chalkboard are also on top of that table, candles and plastic flowers as additional decor.

The celebrant was surprised, yey to us. The guests are happy and enjoyed the food, the games, the karaoke and the whole program.

Aside from organizing the party, I also started to learn video editing. Learning is still ongoing but somehow had my first cut. Filming was not that great for I don’t really had a good lighting to work with so a massive retouching was made to brighten some of the clips. Here are the links of the videos of the celebration:

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Nowhere to go at this point in time

I have never imagined me being where I am right now.

I am standing smack in a middle of another crossroad in the journey of my day-to-day existence. I am patiently waiting, loitering, looking at each pathway all around me, and its conditions. I noticed that this time, it is far more difficult to make a decision to which road should I take.

As I am in this situation, recently, short events from my past, time to time emerge in my head. They are reminding me of the old crossroads that I’ve been to. It’s fascinating that every time I have to choose between roads before, I easily manage to turn to the one that I think that’s best, and walk right through it. True enough, in my opinion, all of them were the best paths to take.

I’ve always been sure of my choices and decisions, until this time.

I remember myself before, really just trying to make the best of every day as it comes. I’m sure of my decisions and choices because whatever the consequences are, I am always ready to accept and be happy about it. That’s how I go down my yellow brick road. I have several visions of what it would be like and how I wanted to walk through and travel through my yellow brick road and that’s about it. Still… anything goes.

My yellow brick road is getting less and less visible as I take my every step on it.

I wonder… is it time for me to rebuild my yellow brick road and put each and every brick to where I would want to go? I guess it’s time.

But I’m waiting for time. I’m waiting for it to make the choice for me and to tell me which road I must take, because right now, at this point in time, I’m not sure where to go from here.

I guess, sometimes, we must take a break in our long walks to anywhere, to catch our breath. This time, I’m taking a lot of deep breaths. Trying to find out the weather forecast for the day before traveling, is not bad too…

I guess now, there’s nothing much to do really, but to wait. And besides, I’m not really sure where I want to go at this point. Maybe because I’m taking considerations now with the decisions and choices that I have to make. I think I’m trying to make a clear picture of what is at the end of my yellow brick road.

I don’t know… today, still… anything goes.

29 October 2011



Wrote this seven years ago… and I feel the same way now… Life really is just like a wheel, isn’t it? Round and round it goes…

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