“Fate doesn’t visit you often. At the very least, if you want to use the term ‘fate,’ it should only happen at the most dramatic moment brought on by coincidence. That’s what makes it fate. That’s why it’s also called ‘timing.’

In the end, fate and timing do not happen by coincidence. They are the products of countless earnest choices that make up miraculous moments. Giving up and making decisions without reservation or hesitation… That is what makes timing.”

Reply 1988, kdrama TV series

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People are strange

As the song goes…. “People are strange when you’re a stranger…”

People. Fascinating little beings. In this age of the so-called millennials, people has long way evolved ever since the ‘beginning’. The world has transformed into a more complex entity, the people included.

I’ve been surrounded by uncanny stories lately. Stories about marriages, families, motherhood, fatherhood, colleagues, friendships and how everyone goes around spinning a long thread creating an enormous web of lies and deception, power and love. Not far from the kdramas I’ve been immersing myself into lately since the lockdown.

How does one really connect with another? How do a group of people or a community live in a harmonious environment? How does one be selfless? Or to extremely be selfish? Is there really a no man’s island?

Has human relationships and interactions really did change after all these years? Does the human sense of living its borrowed time progressed to a more sensible purpose? Or has it deteriorated even more? Were we always like this?

I’m getting intrigued by how humans behaved and acted years and years before. And how much we have advanced in terms of technology and what not, still, human relationships – our wants and desires, I guess stayed as plain and straightforward as before. However the same, with the social media, it became more brutal.

As far as I know, it was a man’s world. And I guess it still is. We as women are continuously trying to fight our way to be at par as the men. But does it really have to be? I wonder.

I myself believe in feminism. I guess to some extent. I still deem that men have penises and women have vaginas. It is what it is. One is different from another but at the same time both are human beings. I feel that each one has a different role to accomplish and at the same time, it doesn’t have to be as limiting. However, with the roles set between men and women as we know of, often times there always one as the abuser and one is the abused, one is the oppressor and one the oppressed, one is the conqueror and one is the conquered. Does it have to be as pessimistic as this? Even so… The relationship between men and women are still evolving.

Love. I strongly feel that it is really all we need.

Need. I again heard the phrase, “I need you.” I hate that phrase. To be needy. To need of someone’s what? Time? Company? Warmth? Often times it is mistaken to be love. Needing someone is not loving. And how did the two words correlated in the first place? Because of this simple phrase, these three simple words, can merely f*ck humans up in its entirety. Most of the time, people say they need other people because of selfish reasons. Why does people fall into this trap? Why does people go along with this kind of relationship? When needing someone becomes similar or equivalent to loving. How one manipulates its mind, work its brain to think that because you are lonely, you need someone and call it love.

However that may be…. people indeed need people. In the sense that, we are all living in a common place called earth. To a common purpose, it is unclear. Everyone has their own goals, the absolute of it is that we are all trying to do good and deviate from evil. Or so for some of us. And it is not a walk in the park either.

All are practicing hypocrisy. Was this is how we are made? Or was this the works of the malevolent spirit within us? Is giving love to one another that too much an arduous labor? How about not being strangers to each other? How about focusing more on these three words instead?

I love you.

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